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Non-Certified Technicians Don’t Insure their Work

If you get your vehicle repaired or have parts replaced by a non-certified technician, you run the risk that the work may not be done correctly or the part may be inferior or defective. With a non-certified technician, you may just be stuck with shoddy work or parts that don’t even work. Nobody wants to deal with a situation where you just tried to get your car in working order and now you’re arguing with the people who did a terrible job.

Certified Technicians Insure their Work and their Parts

You can’t be a certified technician without going through many hours of required training. They have to learn about the different parts and systems that make up automobiles, and they have to prove they know about and understand every kind of car they’re going to be working on. One of the things they have to learn is which parts are high quality, and which ones are best for your vehicle. Then after all that, they have to be re certified every five years.

Feel secure

It’s because of all these requirements that it’s possible to insure the work and parts if a certified technician was the one who did the work. If there was a mistake in the work or a defect in the parts, you’re automatically covered. Don’t take any chances with your automobiles. If you want work you can count on, call Ted Russell Nissan Service today.