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Worn-out tires are a danger to your safety and to your gas tank. Tires are what keep your car from skidding, spinning, and flipping, even in poor driving conditions. Keeping up with their maintenance is a must.

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Whether your tires need to be rotated for better distribution or replaced completely after a blow-out, Ted Russell Nissan can be of service. It’s our mission to get you back on course safely.

Your tires likely endure more stress than you realize. From hidden objects on the road to that unexpected pothole, there are a number of obstacles that can cause your tires to become worn or leaky. If your suspension or alignment is faulty, a service technician may actually be able to identify what’s wrong based on the patterns of the tread.

Quality tires can also help you decrease the amount of gas you use by reducing the amount of energy your car uses. It can also give you better handling too, especially when the road is slick from rain.

Let Ted Russell Nissan service site measure your tread, test your tires durability, and then make recommendations that work for you. With two bays that have Express Service, you can get everything you need done in 45 minutes or less. Buy three tires from Ted Russell and get the fourth for free.

Ted Russell Nissan offers a full range of tire inspection, maintenance and replacement services.


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